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A Long Lasting Brightener with Non-Irritant Vitamin C Derivative
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A Daily Brightening Serum for Dark Spots Removal
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This formulation uses 3% VC-IP (also: Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate), a type of esterified vitamins that is natural and highly-effective concerning skin whitening. Compared with the water-soluble vitamin C that will eventually be excreted from the body, this fat-soluble VC-IP offers significant and long-lasting effect, and is much more stable and gentle (non-irritant). It promotes collagen synthesis to prevent skin from aging, improves cell reproduction to slow down the aging process, and reduces skin melanin.

US$ 12.90


“LUZ,” pronounced as , signifies “light” in Spanish. It is designed to “light up your face and daily lives.” By removing dark spots and melanin on your skin, it gives you naturally glowing skin and a much more confident life. Let’s walk at our full height.

Tyrosinase and MC1-R are two indicators in the mechanism of melanocyte production and melanin deposition. With light and refreshing texture, this triple formula is designed to curb these two indicators to reduce the production and accumulation of melanin.

Potassium Methoxysalicylate 2%
It is a small compound that can deeply penetrate into skin and inhibit the viability of tyrosinase to decrease melanin production. It also upregulates the expression of Loricrin (a protein that plays a key role in keratinocyte reproduction), increases keratin metabolism, eliminates old melanocyte, and brightens the skin up effectively.

Tranexamic acid 2%
It inhibits the viability of protease (an enzyme that breaks down proteins and peptides); by doing so, it indirectly inhibits tyrosinase and reduces the viability of melanocyte cells. It also reduces inflammation, curbs melanocyte production, maintain the health of basal cells, and decrease the production of dark spots. Complementary effects would show if it is used with Potassium Methoxysalicylate. Side effects are rare.

It mainly consists of dextran and nonapeptide-1. Dextran is a type of polysaccharide with alleviating effects, commonly used in skincare products; nonapeptide-1 inhibits the amount of MC1-R and prevents melanocyte from overproduction.

(Reference is made to the third-party trademark in this description. MELANOSTATINE™ 5 is a trademark of IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Bffect is not affiliated with it or its owner.)

US$ 12.9