Dry Skin - Moisturizing
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An Upgrade Moisturizer to Make Skin Smooth, Elastic, and Radiant
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A Natural Moisturizer for Daily Skincare Routine
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This product uses a natural moisturizing factor -- Hyaluronic Acid -- in different molecular sizes to moisturize the skin in various aspects:

Hyaluronsan HA-LQ
It is a macro-molecular HA. It forms a thin breathable layer of membrane on the skin that locks the water in the skin and defenses itself from external threats. It is easier to be absorbed into the skin than glycerin by 500 times.

It is a micro-molecular HA. It is derived from HA through hydrolysis into a nano-sized molecule that has high infiltration capacity (to the skin) and increases blood circulation, which betters skin metabolism, maintains skin elasticity, and delays aging.

Hyalufix Gl
It is a moisturizing factor that helps retain moisture in the skin for a prolonged period and fills in facial lines to eliminate wrinkles, reviving the skin into its former plumpness. Actual test results of this ingredient: After 28 days of usage, the subject is tested with light grid projection technology and is proven to have 6% less wrinkles; and 84 days later, 14% less wrinkles.

A hyaluronic acid that is based on a technology that mimics the oligosaccharide sequence found naturally in the skin. It acts on keratinocytes and induces a chained effect within the fibroblasts of the dermal layer which enhances the degree of moisturization and soothes skin sensitivity and regenerates a barrier that in turn strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin.

TriDermol Hydrant ®

Derived and compounded from Irish moss and hyaluronic acids by means of patented technology, TriDermol Hydrant ® is a biopolymerized humectant that has high moisture retainability. Its water absorption ability is 2.5 times better than that of seaweed gel and its water desorption ability, 3 times better.

(BFFECT is not in direct cooperation with the trademark owners of the ingredients used in this product.)

US$ 10.90


The natural emollient, squalane, traditionally came from the livers of sharks and was used after the process of hydrogenation from squalene, but in fact, it is also found in human skin, and thus suitable for every skin type. This formulation uses 100% squalane extracted from sucrose fermentation, a natural source certified by ECOCERT. Its safe, stable, and non-irritant molecules help moisturize intensively, reduce skin roughness, reduce fine lines, improve skin elasticity, and promote cell reproduction.

US$ 12.90