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10-Minute Exfoliating Facial, pH ~3.6
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An Upgrade Moisturizer to Make Skin Smooth, Elastic, and Radiant
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A Non-Irritant Anti-Acne Formula
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An Intensive Anti Acne Serum, pH ~3.6
US$ 10.9

This product contains a high concentration of alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), a compound of lactic acids, citric acids, and glycolic acids. It softens and accelerates the metabolism of keratinized cells, improving pimple and acne problems. Among all of the acid compounds, AHA has the smallest molecules and has a better chance of absorption deep into the skin, attaining the goal of eliminating keratinized skin, brightening the skin, and lightening marks on the skin.

Glycolic Acid 
Derived from sugar canes, glycolic acids have the smallest molecules of fruit acids. It is friendly with and is easily absorbed into the skin, accelerating the shedding of old keratinized cells and renewing the skin. Glycolic acids also improve the effects of MMPs, coarse and dull skin, black spots, and pigmented skins due to inflammation, restoring brightness and smoothness to the skin.

Lactic Acid

A gentle fruit acid that helps retain moisture, it reduces any sensitivity in the process of activating the skin and is friendly to the skin.
Citric Acid: A gentle, natural antioxidant generated from fruits, citric acid has extensive uses. In aspects of exfoliation and brightening dark pigments, its results are evident and suits the needs of Asian skins better.

DL-Mandelic Acid 4%

It is extracted from bitter almonds. A lipophilic fruit acid that comes in a benzene ring form, it can remain on the skin surface, eliminating acne and keratinized cells, and suppress the activity of Tyrosinase, effectively obstructing the formation and sedimentation of melanin, making the skin more glowy and bright. DL-Mandelic Acid is also used medically as an ingredient of antibiotics and dermatologically, an ingredient to battling the main cause of acne -- cutibacterium acnes.

Tazman Pepper™ AF

It is derived from Tasmannia obovata, and chamomile extract are added into this product to swiftly stabilize the skin. Due to the fact that high concentration acids require skin stabilizing ingredients, this efficiently lessens the activation of TRPV1 (the main factor of skin sensitivity), fighting inflammation, relieving any skin uneasiness, and strengthening capillary blood vessels.

Note: This formula contains a high concentration of free acids. Only recommended to those who have used acid products in the past without resulting in any skin sensitivity.

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US$ 12.30

This product uses a natural moisturizing factor -- Hyaluronic Acid -- in different molecular sizes to moisturize the skin in various aspects:

Hyaluronsan HA-LQ
It is a macro-molecular HA. It forms a thin breathable layer of membrane on the skin that locks the water in the skin and defenses itself from external threats. It is easier to be absorbed into the skin than glycerin by 500 times.

It is a micro-molecular HA. It is derived from HA through hydrolysis into a nano-sized molecule that has high infiltration capacity (to the skin) and increases blood circulation, which betters skin metabolism, maintains skin elasticity, and delays aging.

Hyalufix Gl
It is a moisturizing factor that helps retain moisture in the skin for a prolonged period and fills in facial lines to eliminate wrinkles, reviving the skin into its former plumpness. Actual test results of this ingredient: After 28 days of usage, the subject is tested with light grid projection technology and is proven to have 6% less wrinkles; and 84 days later, 14% less wrinkles.

A hyaluronic acid that is based on a technology that mimics the oligosaccharide sequence found naturally in the skin. It acts on keratinocytes and induces a chained effect within the fibroblasts of the dermal layer which enhances the degree of moisturization and soothes skin sensitivity and regenerates a barrier that in turn strengthens the defense mechanisms of the skin.

TriDermol Hydrant ®

Derived and compounded from Irish moss and hyaluronic acids by means of patented technology, TriDermol Hydrant ® is a biopolymerized humectant that has high moisture retainability. Its water absorption ability is 2.5 times better than that of seaweed gel and its water desorption ability, 3 times better.

(BFFECT is not in direct cooperation with the trademark owners of the ingredients used in this product.)

US$ 10.90

This product (“Totora”) is named after Totarol (the main ingredient), a natural plant extract from the Totara Tree that is native to New Zealand.

This product targets customers with skin that is not applicable with acids. It contains three types of natural plant extracts to balance sebum secretion, obstruct the growth of cutibacterium acnes, obtaining oil-controlling and acne results, simultaneously soothing the skin.

Derived via the CO2 supercritical fluid technology from totara trees, Totarol has high phytochemistry activity and is able to fight drug resistant bacteria (especially cutibacterium acnes, a type of bacteria that stimulates acne), and effectively and rapidly hinder their growth. Totarol is also a strong antioxidant. In comparison to Vitamin E, the activity of Totarol doesn’t weaken with time.

IPMP (Isopropyl Methoxy Pyrazine)
A chemical compound that, to parasitic microorganisms, has a strong ability to sterilize and fight bacteria. It is able to absorb a certain wavelength of UV rays and has antioxidant properties. IPMP also has high stability, retaining its effect for long periods of time.

Cytobiol Iris A
Compounded with Iris Extract, Zinc Salt and Vitamin A, Cytobiol Iris A has been clinically proven to balance oil secretion in 14 days, effectively improving acne.

(BFFECT is not in direct cooperation with the trademark owners of the ingredients used in this product.)

US$ 10.9

This product is a medium concentration acid serum, mainly used to exfoliate, gently activate the skin and fight acne. It includes:

AHA 10%

It have efficacies of exfoliating, eliminating acne, treating pimples, brightening pigments. Concurrently, it stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen in the dermis, realigning the epidermis more orderly, creating shiny and smooth new epidermis.

Capryloyl Salicylic Acid 0.5%
This fat soluble acid has been used for hundreds of years. It can go deep into the pores to stimulate the metabolism of dead cells, prevent acne, and at the same time fight bacteria. It also suppresses cutibacterium acnes. Its structure is like that of aspirin, able to fight inflammation, reducing the redness from acne.

Tazman Pepper™ AF
Derived from Tasamannia Obotava, Tazman Pepper™ AF acts as a soothing and skin-activating substance, efficiently reducing the activation of TRPV1 and attaining the results of fighting inflammation, soothing the skin of uneasiness, and strengthening capillary blood vessels.

(BFFECT is not in direct cooperation with the trademark owners of the ingredients used in this product.)

US$ 10.9